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Nora's Nightmares

Nora is an imaginative little girl whose dreams have always been filled with unicorns and rainbows, but ever since her special dream catcher went missing from above her bed, she has been having increasingly disturbing dreams.

Now, little Nora is afraid to sleep in her own bedroom. 


Can you work together as a team to find out what is causing Nora’s nightmares and return her special dream catcher– before it’s lights out?

Please note:  While you may jump or be surprised at some elements, Nora’s Nightmare does not have any gore or blood. 

LENGTH: 60 minutes



  • Mission-based game

  • Not scary, but there are some surprise elements

  • Recommended ages 12+

  • Perfect for larger groups

Becoming Houdini

Untitled design (3).png

For generations, Harry Houdini’s escapes have astounded audiences. From handcuffs to straitjackets, there seemed to be no method of restraint that could defeat the legendary escape artist. Some have said that even death itself was no match for Houdini’s spirit.

In this tribute to the world’s most famous escape artist, you will find puzzles, clues, magical secrets, and some facts about Houdini you may not have known.


You will witness some magic take place, and you may even perform some magic yourself.

Some say the spirit of Houdini embodies this very room.


If you hear some inexplicable noises or experience unexplainable events, you'll have to decide for yourself whether it’s your imagination... or if Houdini is trying to perform the ultimate escape!

LENGTH: 60 minutes



  • Time-based game

  • Recommended ages 14+

  • Elements of supernatural/magic/spirits

  • Perfect for groups of all sizes

The Speakeasy


At a recent family get-together, you overheard your family members discussing your great-uncle’s untimely death in 1929 during a raid at The Sly Fox, a speakeasy in Chicago.  It turns out that he was the sole provider for his family, and his death left them destitute and penniless.


Remembering your friend who was building a time machine, you decide to gather up a team to try and go back to that fateful day and change the course of history.  If you could pull this off, your family’s legacy would be changed forever!

Of course, the time machine hasn’t been tested for extended stays, so you only have one hour to go back in time and prevent the Speakeasy from being discovered, or you may also end up sleepin' with the fishes like your uncle!


This game contains flashing lights which may potentially trigger seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy.

LENGTH: 60 minutes



  • Time-based game

  • Recommended ages 11+

  • Contains flashing lights which may potentially trigger seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy

  • Perfect for groups of all sizes

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